Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

Papertoy 1st custom Gabriel

Gabriel (Constantine) Papertoy

This papertoy is Wisnu Paperbender ( PERI Member ) 1st Custom. Gabriel an enemy of John Constantine, Constantine (2005).

A glimpse of Gabriel :


DC Movie Appearances: Constantine (2005)

Secret Identity/Alias: N/A

Powers/Abilities: Flight, immortality

Known Affiliations: Heaven, Hell

The Story: Gabriel is an angel who tells Constantine that there's no way for him to escape Hell. Her spite towards God's love for humanity pushes her to release Mammon from his home in Angela's body, therefore releasing Hell on to the planet. Lucifer, pissed that he didn't conquer Earth, sends Mammon back to Hell and turns Gabriel into a human.

Played By: Tilda Swinton

Download Link :

Gabriel Papertoy

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