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SD Gundam TMF/A-802 BuCUE free papercraft download

TMF A 802 BuCUE papercraft 300x260 SD Gundam TMF/A 802 BuCUE free papercraft downloadThis gundam papercraft is designed by a chinese designer “GLORY”, The BuCUE is a Mobile Suit in the Cosmic Eratimeline.
The TMF/A-802 BuCUE is a mobile suit designed for ground assaults. Unlike other ZAFT mobile suits the BuCUE is a quadruped, looking more like a dog than a human. The four-legged design distributes the weight of the BuCUE, giving the mobile suit greater balance and mobility on the ground then any other ZAFT mobile suit. Additionally each leg is equipped with a caterpillar-treads. BuCUE can enter a “tank-mode” by crouching down and moving on these treads, giving the BuCUE greater speed and a smaller profile. With its configuration the BuCUE is particularly effective in terrains that are difficult for standard mobile suits, such as sandy deserts or snowy fields.
Because BuCUE do not have manipulator hands they cannot use standard mobile suits weapons. Instead the BuCUE possess a turret mount on its back that can mount either a 2-barrel 450mm railgun or a 13-tube 400mm missile launcher on its back for ranged combat. These were originally the BuCUE’s only weapons. After ZAFT’s theft and study of the G Project mobile suits ZAFT upgraded the BuCUE by incorporating a double edged beam saber mounted in the units head,allowing it to charge at an enemy unit and cut it in half.
In terms of defense the BuCUE possesses an armor strong enough to withstand impacts from conventional hand weapons, such as RPGs.
You can download this gundam papercraft from here: SD Gundam TMF/A-802 BuCUE free papercraft download
If you need .PDO instruction please send an email to the author glorywyyx@163.com

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