Kamis, 15 November 2012

Two Girls & Panzer Anime Style Paper Dolls


Just five sheets of paper to build this cool tank full of little girls in Anime style, created by Japanese designer Rahamu and originally posted at Pepakura Gallery website.



Link: Two.Girls.&.Panzer.Anime.Style.Paper.Dolls.by.Rahamu.via.Pepakura.Gallery

source : papermau.blogspot

Ben 10 - XLR8 Papercraft

XLR8 Papercraft

XLR8 is one of the 10 aliens the Ben starts off in the game/animated tv series, it's from the planet Kinet and possesses super with enhanced reflexes.

Ben 10 - XLR8 Papercraft [Download]

Star Wars Boba Fett Blaster Papercraft

A blaster papercraft belonging to the Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett from Star Wars.

Star Wars Boba Fett Blaster Papercraft

source :  papercraftparadise.blogspot

Papercraft Socle DragonBall

base tenkaichi.pdo file

source :  Paper's Juke

Climbing Santa Claus Banner Papercraft

This paper craft is a Christmas banner showing Santa Claus climbing a ladder. Santa can be placed on any position on the ladder. Display it on your window so it can be seen from outside, or at your front door or on a wall. It's great for bringing out the Christmas spirit-Canon

Climbing Santa Claus Banner Papercraft

 source : papercraftparadise

Tiger & Bunny - Wild Tiger Helmet Papercraft

Wild Tiger's helmet papercraft based on the anime Tiger & Bunny.

source :  papercraftparadise

Tiger & Bunny's Barnaby Brooks Jr's Helmet Paper Model - by Gankutsu O Taku


More one cool model by designer Gankutsu O Taku, from My Life With The Pepakura Kult website.


Link: Tiger.&.Bunny's.Barnaby.Brooks.Jr's.Helmet.Paper.Model.by.Gankutsu.O.Taku 

source : Papermau

Honda N-One Papercraft

Honda has released a papercraft model of the N-One, their version of the mini car similar to the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500. Available in 1:9 and life size models.

source :  papercraftparadise.blogspot.com

Halloween Mummy Papercraft

We used to see a lot of people dressing up as mummies for Halloween until they were replaced by the zombies. Here's a cubee mummy to bring them back life^^,

Halloween Mummy Papercraft

source : papercraftparadise.blogspot.com

Cupcake Papercraft

A delicious-looking pink cupcake created by Scout Creative for Oregon Children's Theatre.
Cupcake Papercraft

Papercraft Realistic - Goku SSj1 damaged

Goku SSj1 Paper's Juke version
29pages, 52cm
file .pdo line + lineless

Source : http://paperjuke.blogspot.com/

Life Size Super Saiyan Gohan Papercraft

Super Saiyan Gohan papercraft which is composed of 119 pages of colored parts from Paper Juke's .

Realistic Super Saiyan Goku Papercraft

The super saiyan Goku papercraft from Nadask has 21 pages of parts and is 45 cm tall.

Realistic Super Saiyan Goku Papercraft

Source :  papercraftparadise.blogspot

The Hallows Papertoys

There are Alex O'Lantern - The Pumpkin Head, Bryan Frankenstein - The Cute Monster, and Charles Drake - The Blue Blood Sucker.
All CeBe Papertoy series design by Peri Member :

 The CeBe Hallows Papertoys

Poseable Android Robot Papercraft

A poseable papercraft of Google's Android robot mascot. The legs bend back and forth, the arms bend with two degrees of freedom and the head rotates.

Senin, 12 November 2012

Tunisia 1943 Scene Diorama Papercraft

Diorama skala 1:35, Tunisia pada tahun 1943, the same period wherein the Battle of Tunisia took place in World War II during the North African campaign between the Allies against the Axis.

Dibuat oleh teman saya Maulana Jodi @http://www.dioramau.com/

Tunisia 1943 Scene Diorama Papercraft

Peri Malang goes to school, teach papercraft extracurricular

all picture by Bhekti

Gathering Peri Malang, October 2012

all picture by Bhekti

Gathering Peri Malang, 16 September 2012

 who is this?
 Fifin in action
"Hi, my name is Guruh!"
all models members Peri Malang

Gathering (kopdar) Peri Malang, 1 Juli 2012

with old & new member Peri Malang