Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

Swampy's Bathtub

Where is my water?Another papertoy that is simple enough to build.  Swamp'y bathtub from the famous mobile game "Where is my Water?".  This model can be build to be either a wall mounted ornament or a desktop display.  This model is being my first release of this year, hopefully I will have all the mood to release other models. Swampy is my son's favourite character.  He always laugh if this crocodile get the dirty water and jumped out of the bathtub.  The objective of the game is to let the crocodile take bath with a clear water.  You have to guide the water to its open pipe which will turn on the shower.  But dont really do it here or it will destroy the papercraft. The funny sounds that swampy made when he is bathing is satisfying, more if you have been able to collect the ducks.
You can download the model here
Follow the instruction here
Thanks to Arif Suseno @hobikitkertas.com

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